Samyangchoon and Evett Releases New Sool: “Oh My Gat”

Limited Special Seasonal Brew Designed by Chefs from Michelin Starred Restaurant Evett and Award-Winning Sool Brewery Samyangchoon


A special collaboration project between traditional alcohol brewery Samyangchoon and the Michelin starred restaurant Evett has finally come to fruition with their official release of “Oh My Gat”. Carefully blended and meticulously developed, it is a Korean rice wine with a delicate Yulan magnolia aroma and an off-dry flavor. The magnolia used in Oh My Gat are first gathered by Chef Joseph Lidgerwood and Chef Dan Garwood of Evett, and then oxidized before being blended into the classic Samyangchoon yakju.


Samyangchoon and Evett Releases New Sool: "Oh My Gat"


Six months ago we had the pleasure of introducing these two titans of craft to each other, with the intention of creating truly unique Korean alcohol. Now after months of research and experimentation, Oh My Gat is ready for its debut. But ‘Oh My Gat’ why??! It’s not a spelling mistake, ‘Gat’ is the English spelling for 갓 which is a traditional Korean hat worn by men in the Joseon Dynasty. The design is the artistic penmanship of Chef Joseph and the inspiration behind what hopes to be a seasonal line of products. The clever name was the winning entry in a naming contest recently held on Instagram, and it’s safe to say it’s going to be catchy!


Samyangchoon and Evett Releases New Sool: "Oh My Gat"


Continue to watch Samyangchoon via Instagram to see what they make and get your orders in asap. Oh My Gat will is available from Samyanchoon’s online Coupang and Naver Smartstores as of Monday, July 26th. And of course for the complete experience, be sure to make a reservation to enjoy directly at Evett – a dining experience you surely will not forget!