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Makgeolli Brewing Class

Learn how to make your very own Korean alcohol in this comprehensive 2 hour class! We will take you through the fundamentals of brewing makgeolli with an interactive and hands-on experience. This class covers the basic fermentation techniques of how to make delicious sool from rice washing to finished product, ensuring you can make makgeolli almost anywhere in the world.  After the class, you have the option of taking home your vessel to watch the magic happen, filtering your own batch of sool in as little as seven days.

Advanced Brewing Course

Looking to take your sool brewing skills to the next level?  This comprehensive course will equip you with all you need to start brewing more complex recipes.  Over the course of 6 classes, you will learn the principles of multi-stage brewing, the complexities of fermenting nuruk, infusions theory and so much more!  This course is suitable for anyone looking to upgrade their hobby skills, or even for a background in small batch craft operations. 


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Makgeolli Brewing

In this fun, hands-on class, you will learn all the basics for brewing makgeolli anywhere in the world.

Advanced Brewing

Take your brewing skills to the next level with a comprehensive foundation course in sool fundamentals.

The Insadong

Experience makgeolli like never before with this three bar tour in the heart of Korea’s traditional district.

Traditional Alcohol
Dining Experience

Dive into a culinary adventure in a guided dinner featuring an array of exquisite sool with delicious foods

Kayla BReviewed 12 December 2018
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Makgeolli Tour one of the best things I did in SK!
My friends and I went on this tour with Julia and it was one of the best times I had in South Korea. Fist of all Makgeolli is DELICIOUS, and it was awesome to learn about the history and how its made. Julia was super smart and knew everything about it, she even answered ALL of my questions and I had a lot! We went to places that I would have totally missed and I felt more like a local instead of a tourist, which in my opinion is awesome when you travel. I highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Seoul you will learn a lot and drink tasty booze!
Trippy_M0mReviewed 11 January 2018
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Taste and Make Makgeolli like the Pros
I had tasted makgeolli, but never knew the fascinating history behind this national drink. So many people try soju (and don't like it) they don't take the time to try good makgeolli, it's naturally sweet and mild cousin. Julia is a wonderful guide and teacher. We experienced a tasting session and then literally got our hands dirty brewing up a batch of our own makgeolli. Along the way, we laughed, learned and didn't waste a single grain. I didn't want to leave the lab, it was so much fun. Can't wait to join back up with my friends for a tasting session of our own special brews (2 weeks of fermenting and we will be ready to taste!) We're even getting back together at home to make a second batch. Practice makes perfect!
Singapore, SingaporeSeptember 2017
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Excellent Insadong Tour
My wife and I took the tasting tour with Julia and it was amazing! We highly recommend it! The tour was fun, interesting, and delicious. Julia had us laughing and having a great time through the entire tour. She knows a seemingly endless amount about not just Makgeolli, but all Korean alcohol, as well as Seoul's history and culture. Equally impressive is how she is able to clearly explain everything in an engaging and entertaining way. We found the tour to be a good pace, with a mix of different taverns and styles of Makgeolli, all paired with great food. Thank you Julia and the Sool Company!
AndrewOctober, 2018
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Julia is definitely very extremely passionate and knowledgeable about korean alcohol and alcohol in general, you can really tell if you ever meet her. I learned about the process and science behind making makgeolli, and korean alcohol, it’s pretty much the same process, making makgeolli is the first step, which can be turned either into soju or yakju, medicine wine, and other liquors. So if you are interested in making makgeolli, this is definitely the place to learn at!

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Julia Mellor is a specialist in Korean traditional alcohol with over 8 years in brewing education and industry experience.  She has trained under some of Korea’s most renowned Master brewers, and continues to work closely with the artisan sool community. 

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