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makgeolli brewing, rice cooling

Brewing Class and Course

Looking to learn how to brew your own makgeolli?  We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive sool education offerings. Covering everything from theory to practical knowledge, our unique classes will ensure you leave with the knowledge you need to continue brewing makgeolli long after the class is over. 

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Tasting Class and Tours

We offer plenty of opportunities to dive deep into the world of Korean alcohol through our tasting classes.  These immersive experiences allow our guests to taste a diverse range of high quality Korean sool, guided by our knowledgeable teachers.  Learn about the science, history and culture of Korean alcohol in these fun and educational sool experiences.

Sool Tours

Want to explore Korea’s food and sool culture? Join our taster tours and visit some of Seoul’s hidden gems, while enjoying the company of our knowledgeable and entertaining guides. We are passionate about connecting our customers with the amazing artisans of Korea by providing brewery tours and fermentation day-trips.

Other Services

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Private Label Brewing Service

As a licensed makgeolli microbrewery, we offer private label brewing services to restaurants or customers looking to produce their own products.  We work with you to develop the recipe, brew to your specifications and license the product under your brand.

makgeolli brewing, rice cooling

Commercial Brewing Consultation Services

We are the world’s leading English-speaking consultants for international commercial makgeolli operations, offering services since 2016.  Many of our clients have gone on to open successful breweries, including Hana Makgeolli, the first makgeolli brewery in the USA.

Masheo Blanc (마셔블랑), Jeju, Korea: Korean alcohol in Jeju

Commercial Brewing Equipment Sourcing

Equipment for brewing makgeolli and other kinds of sool is different to other kinds of alcohols.  We offer procurement services for international sool breweries looking to source various equipment.

Event Service

The Sool Company also provides consulting, event planning and sool catering services for both public and private sool events.  Whether it’s a garden party, an office meeting, or a seasonal festival, we’ve got the products and the expertise to make your event truly special.

The Sool Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Sool Media

We like to keep you updated with what’s going on in the world of sool, via articles on our website, videos on our YouTube channel, updates through our newsletter and posts on our social media channels!  We are always open to collaborating with content creators, so get in touch if you’d like to film at our space together.

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