Makyioreum: Baek Jong Won’s Makgeolli Bar Franchise

Celebrity Chef Baek Jong Won opens a series of Makgeolli restaurants across South Korea under the name Makyioreum (막이오름).


Makyioreum (막이오름), Seoul, Korea


Recently, we at The Sool Company have noticed a craze surrounding a new makgeolli restaurant chain across South Korea. Makyioreum (막이오름) boasts a selection of quality makgeolli and gourmet jeon derived from the taste selections of its owner Baek Jong Won. The establishment offers a stylish interior in which to enjoy the unique taste of makgeolli and other sool while snacking on familiar and reimagined food and side dishes. As a bonus offer, Makyioreum also provides a 25% discount on all traditional alcohol on the 25th of every month. Mark it down on your calendars for the foreseeable future.


Makyioreum (막이오름), Seoul, Korea

The main beverage offered is a makgeolli of the same name, and while it does contain artificial sweeteners, there are plenty of familiar brands, such as Nurinmaeul and Naroo, to choose from.


Baek Jong Won is a renowned celebrity chef in South Korea. He has made a name for himself starring in variety shows, assisting businesses with his cooking expertise, and maintaining 26 franchises across the country. His newest franchise Makyioreum has taken a leap into the sool bar industry; a drastic change from his usual food-oriented restaurants. This launch comes as a slight surprise to the sool community as Baek Jong Won has previously been wrapped up in a makgeolli scandal where he questioned the importance and likeability of traditional makgeolli, over commercialized products. Perhaps he saw the err in his ways. Nevertheless, Makyioreum may prove to be a worthwhile experience for anyone looking for some fine dining and delicious makgeolli.


Makyioreum (막이오름), Seoul, Korea

So far, the franchise has grown to 25 locations, and we want to give you a list so you can find the closest restaurant to you!

Prominent locations include:

Makyioreum Hongdae – Open every day at 5pm

Makyioreum Incheon – Four locations, opening times differ

Makyioreum Busan – Two locations, opening times differ

Makyioreum Geondae – Open Mon to Fri at 4pm and Sat to Sun 2pm

However, there is an entire list of each location that can be found on Naver.


Baek Jong Won also starred in a Netflix show titled Paik’s Spirit in 2021. The show centers on guest appearances during meal times and focuses on the alcohol and food consumed. In related news, Baek is also gearing up to release his own brand of makgeolli that promises an artificial sweetener-free recipe. The brand is not yet available to the general public, but the branding and name “Baekgeolli” was released on his Instagram. We are intrigued to see how “Baekgeolli” captures the taste of makgeolli.


While The Sool Company does not usually endorse makgeolli bar franchises, we think Makyioreum would be an interesting drinking experience for makgeolli and sool fans. Regardless of if you prefer to visit a smaller location for your sool, we can definitely commend Makyioreum for their selection of high-quality makgeolli.