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Visit us in Seoul, Korea for a unique sool tasting or a brewing class. Whether you want a private event or want to attend one of our community classes, we have a variety of services dedicated to education and the enjoyment of Korean traditional alcohol.

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Whether you know a lot or a little about sool, we have an experience for you.

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    I had tasted makgeolli, but never knew the fascinating history behind this national drink. So many people try soju (and don’t like it) they don’t take the time to try good makgeolli, it’s naturally sweet and mild cousin. Julia is a wonderful guide and teacher. We experienced a tasting session and then literally got our hands dirty brewing up a batch of our own makgeolli. Along the way, we laughed, learned and didn’t waste a single grain. I didn’t want to leave the lab, it was so much fun. Can’t wait to join back up with my friends for a tasting session of our own special brews (2 weeks of fermenting and we will be ready to taste!) We’re even getting back together at home to make a second batch. Practice makes perfect!

    Angella L
      Angella L

      The food and traditional drink pairings were AMAZING!!!!!! I would definitely recommend the SOOL events to anyone visiting korea wanting the ultimate local experience!!!!! High quality food and traditional drinks even Koreans don’t know about!!!!!!!! The organizers are very knowledgeable on how the drinks are made and the stories that goes with all the one of a kind traditional Korean drinks made by the masters!!!!! I had a couple of friends from Denmark and they also enjoyed the wonderful time out and got to learn authentic Korean drinks and side dishes!!! I’m definitely going again!!!!

      Amanda P
        Amanda P

        After having such a good experience at the first introductory magkeolli-making class I went to, I decided to come back and try out 2 of the project-based magkeolli-making courses. After tasting the fruits of my work, I felt incredibly accomplished – the magkeolli that we had made was DELICIOUS every time. – so much better than store-bought magkeolli! The teachers and owners of The Sool Company run the classes in a non-format and relaxing format. Basically, as we’re learning about how to make the alcohol drinks, we drink other magkeolli brews and talk about their taste and other dimensions. I had an amazing time, and wish I had started going to classes earlier (I only started going 3 months before I was leaving Korea to go back home). I highly suggest signing up for their classes and/or tours – I promise that you won’t regret it!

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        Check here for the latest in special events and seasonal tours that you can join for a unique sool-based experience in Korea.

        Find Your Sool

        Discover your own taste in alcohol with our special suvery and tasting.

        When: Wednesday, February 8, 2023

        Time: 7:00pm ~ 9:00pm

        Tokki Soju Cocktails

        Explore the most popular craft soju with our special cocktails.

        When: Wednesday, February 22, 2023

        Time: 7:00pm ~ 9:00pm

        Korean Wine & Cheese

        Be surprised by our special take on Korean wine and local cheese pairing.

        When: Wednesday, March 15, 2023

        Time: 7:00pm ~ 9:00pm

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