SULA: Scandinavian Influence on Korean Tradition

These stunningly designed sool cups are a thing of beauty for any table setting.

SULA: Milla, sool cup, makgeolli cup

Serving up a glass of hand-crafted makgeolli to eager guests in a beautiful cup is like putting the icing on the cake. Serving ware is a craft unto itself, with an equally long tradition in regards to Korean alcohol.

SULA: Milla, sool cup, makgeolli cup

We are always on the lookout for unique and storied cups and decanters, so when SULA crossed our internet pathways it was an instant click. We were delighted to see that it was a familiar face behind the brand, as one of the talented designers happens to be an Advanced Brewing Course student of ours, Milla Niskakoski.

SULA: Milla, sool cup, makgeolli cup


riginally from Finland, Milla and her partners from Norway and Korea make up the trio behind Almond Studio. They have been working closely with the Korean sool industry for the last three years, bringing new life to brands while retaining a connection to traditionalism. Milla herself continues to study and deepen her brewing knowledge, and we can personally attest that her brews are excellent!

SULA: Milla, sool cup, makgeolli cup

SULA is a line of drinkware handspun in Euljiro from brass and copper. The design has elements of traditional styles but also takes into account modern needs such as holding comfort and making it easier to swirl (something we ENDLESSLY appreciate with makgeolli – who hasn’t spilled on their hands after giving the cup a gentle swish??).

SULA: Milla, sool cup, makgeolli cup

But more than that, they are just beautiful to behold. There are different sizes for makgeolli and cheongju or soju, as well as different metal compositions. So the big question is how do you get your hands on these gems? For Korean speakers, Almond Studio is running a Tumblbug crowdfunding campaign which you can find here. But never fear if Korean websites are are difficult (we hear you!), Milla is taking personal orders via email. If you are international and are also interested in purchasing a set, the studio will arrange international shipping options after the crowdfunding campaign is complete on June 21st, 2020.

To get in touch with Milla, contact her directly at

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