Christmas Sool: The Best Gifts to give in 2021

The Sool Company has compiled a list of the greatest Sool-related gifts to give this Christmas

December is always a happy time of the year, and we believe that Korean sool is one of life’s greatest treats. Paired together, Christmas is bound to be a special occasion. We have a detailed list below of the best potential sool gifts to give to family, friends, or even coworkers. Whether it be how to make makgeolli kits or soju cups, sool gifts, or makgeolli gift sets, this list is bound to be your go-to guide.

Serving Ware & Kettles

Five Piece Jeontongju Set

  • 25,380 WON
  • Found on Auction here.
  • This set is great for the traditional customer who wants to experience the feel of the Joseon Dynasty. With a rustic vibe, this is a great sool gift set.

Six Piece Ceramic Makgeolli Set

  • 21,740 WON
  • Found on Coupang here.
  • With a classic design, this makgeolli set is the perfect gift for the seasoned makgeolli drinker.

Classic Makgeolli Kettle 1L

  • 8,500 WON
  • Found on Auction here.
  • If you’ve ever watched a K-drama or passed by a bar in Seoul, you would have seen this historical kettle. Gift this to someone who appreciates the simple but classic designs.

Sool Kettle 1.6L

  • 20,270 WON
  • Found on Auction here.
  • Slightly bigger, this design is for the more stylishly inclined. While pouring your makgeolli or other types of sool, this kettle will continue to look great at the table.

Baekseju Kettle

  • 9000 WON
  • Found on Naver Shop here.
  • Hosting a special occasion? This is the kettle for you. This design is much more minimalist, but still an attractive feature for your sool collection.

Cups & Glasses

24K Gold Plated Soju Glass

  • 13,900 WON
  • Found on Auction here.
  • For the most sparkling person in your life, this is the perfect gift to make their makgeolli shine as well.

4 Piece Makgeolli Glass Set

  • 61,920 WON
  • Found on Auction here.
  • This set is an elegant upgrade for those who enjoy the finer things in life. For special occasions, bringing these out will
  • certainly make a statement.

Classic Makgeolli Glass with Handle

  • 2,100 WON
  • Found on Auction here.
  • Pair this with the Gold Kettle above for a truly classic rainy day makgeolli experience.

6 Piece Crystal Soju Glass Set

  • 17,900 WON
  • Found on Naver Shop here.
  • Soju is not just for taking shots at a bar. With this Soju glass set, drinking is bound to look at taste better.

24K Plated Golf Cup

  • 32,900 WON
  • Found on Naver Shop here.
  • For the golf-loving relative, this unique sool cup won’t fail to start a conversation during happy hour.

Gold Rim Glass and Bottle Set

  • 13,300 WON
  • Found on Coupang here.
  • Young and chic family and friends will be the perfect recipients of this glass soju cup gift set. Owning this will allow anyone to entertain guests in style.

5 Piece Ceramic Sool Set

  • 23,500 WON
  • Found on Coupang here.
  • Something different for those who love to mix tradition with modernity. The jade green color also offers a stand-out look for your sool collection.

6 Piece Porcelain Glass Set

  • 46,000 WON
  • Found on Coupang here.
  • This is the perfect gift for those who love collecting beautiful matching sets, and has a dedication to makgeolli cups.

4 Piece Soju Glass Set

  • 14,840 WON
  • Found on Coupang here.
  • This simple everyday chic look is perfect for the colorful makgeolli drinker. And as a bonus, this set looks good for a great price.

Korean traditional alcohol kits

Multiple Flavour Instant Makgeolli Kit

  • 10,500 WON
  • Found on Naver Shop here.
  • For those on the go and who want a flavor bomb, this fun and easy makgeolli kit will have you drinking delicious sool in no time.

Strawberry Basil Soju Kit

  • 45,000 WON
  • Found on Naver Shop here.
  • This is a sophisticated make-your-own soju pack that allows you to sip on delicious sool in effortlessly elegant soju cups.

Multiple Flavour Infused Christmas Sool Kit

  • 13,500 WON
  • Found on Naver Shop here.
  • Can’t decide on flavor? These Christmas themed infusions with strawberry, yagwanmun, and gugija (Chinese berry) have a beautiful packaging style for the holiday season.

Strawberry or Orange Flavour Sool Kit

  • 14,400 WON
  • Found on Naver Shop here.
  • Although a more modern accessible flavor, this is sure to be a very delightful drink. You may need to let it sit for a while, but if you time it right, New Years will be worth the wait.

Check out our top recommendations! Naver, Auction, and Coupang also have many other makgeolli, soju, and other traditional Korean alcohol gifts on offer over Christmas. Usually, these sites will deliver quickly if not overnight, so it’s great for last-minute purchases!

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