The Royal Treatment

Stop 1 – Chojeong Haenggung Palace
Stop 2 – Nongmin Chef’s Mukeunji Hwalyeon Restaurant
Stop 3 – Janghee Doga Brewery
Stop 4 – Hwayang Brewery
Tour Details


Come on an adventure to the historic city of Cheongju, where we’ll introduce you to alcohol previously only reserved for Korean royals.  With us, you’ll visit a former royal residence, feast on fermented foods, visit two of the country’s best breweries, and sample the liquor of the kings.

The first stop is Chojeong Haenggung Palace, a royal residence of the revered Sejeong the Great that served as a tranquil place of rest and recuperation. It’s also said to be the location King Sejong chose when putting the finishing touches to Hangeul, Korea’s iconic alphabet.  

As a culinary treat, we’ll then whisk you off to Nongmin Chef’s Mukeunji Hwalyeon, a fantastic restaurant where you’ll be treated to delicious mugeukji ribs and learn all about Korean fermentation.

For the Sool (traditional Korean alcohol) experience, you’ll visit the multi award-winning brewery Janghee Doga, which produces the famous Saejongdaewang Eoju, a beverage named after Sejong the Great.  Here, you’ll taste a selection of sool made with Cheongju’s naturally fizzy mineral water, which is said to give local spirits their exquisite flavor.

Finally you’ll visit Hwayang, the producer of Pungjeongsagye, four types of sool each named after one of the four seasons.  These drinks are so renowned for their quality that they have been served at Cheong Wa Dae, the former domain of Korea’s presidents.  As you tour this brewery, the owner will guide you through the special characteristics of these four types of sool — takju, yakju, gwahaju and soju — and you’ll then have the opportunity to sample them.

Our guide, a professional chef and traditional Korean alcohol specialist, will be there every step of the way to give you all the valuable insight you need into the fascinating history, science and culture of Korea’s food and drink.

Typical Itinerary

  • 8:30AM – Meet at Sadang Station and depart for Cheongju.
  • Stop 1 – Chojeong Haenggung Palace
  • Stop 2 – Nongmin Chef’s Mukeunji Hwalyeon Restaurant
  • Stop 3 – Janghee Doga Brewery
  • Stop 4 – Hwayang Brewery
  • 6:00PM – Return to Seoul. (Traffic may delay our return)
Meeting Point

We will meet at Sadang Station (Line 2)

Terms & Payments
  • Once your booking is made, you will receive instructions with payment details and confirmation details
  • Tours will run with a maximum of 30 guests
  • We will try our best to accommodate food allergy, however, please understand that some places we are visiting may not have alternative menu.
Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made more than 48 hours before the tour date will receive a 100% refund.  Cancellations made after the 48 hour period will not receive any refunds.  If the touris canceled by management for any unforeseen or unavoidable reason, guests will receive a full refund. 

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