Brew Your Own Chuseok Gift – Baekhwaju Cheongju

Learn how to brew your own traditional Korean alcohol, baekhwaju cheongju
Experience the different stages of fermentation and aging
Package your homemade cheongju in beautiful bojagi (traditional Korean wrapping cloth.)
Make a unique and thoughtful gift for your loved ones
Event Details

Baekhwaju Cheongju

When it comes to Chuseok, one of the most important aspects is gift-giving. What better gift to give your Korean family and friends than a beautiful Cheongju that you have brewed from scratch!

Cheongju is the golden clear alcohol that appears to the top after aging, and it has a very significant place at Chuseok and Lunar New Year. During the ‘Jesa’ ceremony where past ancestors are honored, traditionally cheongju was alcohol poured as an offering.

In this 4 session project, we will guide you through the brewing process and use our brewing facilities to ensure you get the best cheongju ready for gifting before Chuseok. We will make a wonderfully aromatic (and Sool Co. community favourite) Baekwhaju – 100 Flowers Wine.

What’s included?

4 sessions, 3 Liters of Cheongju, 2 x ‘Bojagi’ Wrapping, 2 x Glass bottles, Tastings!

Session 1: August 24th (Thursday) 7:30 – 9:30pm

Learn about Cheongju and its cultural significance in Jesa, and then we will get started to brew the ‘Mitsul’ or the primary fermentation. As we need to make large volumes to get enough cheongju, no need to take anything home as we will take care of the Mitsul at The Sool Company.

Session 2: August 27th (Sunday) 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Time to feed the brew! We will prepare steamed rice together called godubap to feed the Brew. After adding the godubap to the ‘Mitsul’ we will transfer into a large vessel for fermentation in our temperature-controlled conditions.

Session 3: September 17th (Sunday) 2pm – 3:30pm

After 3 weeks of fermentation, it’s time to filter. We will filter the batch and prepare it for aging. Of course we taste, and then it goes back into temperature control to allow the cheongju to rise to the top!

Session 4: September 24th (Sunday) 2pm – 4pm

Bottling & Wrapping. We carefully remove the cheongju and bottle to prepare for gifting. We will provide 2 glass bottles and additional plastic bottles, but if you would like to source your own bottle choice, let your creativity run wild!

For an extra special Korean gift wrapping experience, we will teach you how to wrap ‘Bojagi’, the traditional silk cloth wrapping for gifts. You can wrap 2 bottles, and if you would like to wrap more or use more glass bottles, you can purchase them for an additional charge.

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Chuseok Event

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