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  • The Recipe

    Danyangju is the Korean word for “Single Step Fermentation.’ It is a simple recipe that is perfect to get started. If you follow the timeline we give you in the crash course, you can get yourself a nice little brew in as little as 10 days.

    Throughout this crash course, you will be guided by The Sool Company co-founders Julia Mellor and Daniel McLaughlin, they have both completed high-level traditional alcohol training in South Korea in several academies and under grand master Park Rok Dam, one of the most distinguished master brewers in the country.

  • Your Instructors

    Julia is an Australian specialist in Korean Traditional Alcohol and has been involved in the makgeolli industry for over 5 years. She has been an activist for the promotion of Korean sool both locally and internationally.

    Dan is a Korean traditional alcohol specialist with a focus on brewing science. He currently manages and instructs the advanced level classes of the Susubori Academy where he completed his study in Brewing Biochemistry.

  • Homebrew Course Companion
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Equipment & Ingredients

Washing & Steaming

Cooling Rice & Sterilization

Mixing & Fermentation

Filtering & Bottling


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