The Best Sool Tours in Korea

The Best Sool Tours in Korea

The many years that we have spent in Seoul and South Korea as a whole studying and then teaching about Korean traditional alcohol give us the confidence that we offer the best tours in Korea on everything sool. In some of our food and beverages tours in Korea, we will bring you around some of the most beautiful traditional bars that carry the best sool in Seoul city. We guarantee you that you will love the alcohols that these places stock up.

If you want a more rural and unique experience, we also organize brewery tours where you can visit the places where Magkeolli, cheongju or soju are made. Surrounded by rice fields, you will learn more about the process and get to meet the brewers themselves.

Finally, if you want the full experience and choose to learn how to make makgeolli yourself, we have regular introduction classes that will teach you everything you need to know to make a basic magkeolli by yourself at home.

Bar tours, brewery tours and one-off brewing classes.

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