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Sool Saturdays – Sanulim 1992 (산울림 1992)

  • $55.00

    Fine Sool, Fine Eats, Traditional Ambience

    In the dark wooden tavern stylings of Sanulim 1992, lies a haven of delicious delights and all your favourite sool…and then some! Situated on the edges of Hongik University, this gem of a bar serves up tapas style dishes with a Korean cuisine influence. The concept of Sanulim 1992 is influenced by the rough and rowdy makgeolli taverns of old, but levels up the quality of side dishes and variety of sool. It is safe to say this bar is on a very regular rotation for us at The Sool Company, and we find ourselves making excuses just to come here! Keep in mind that this location is less of a restaurant to fill the belly and more of a focus on sool and some lighter accompanying fare, so if you are very hungry on this Sool Saturday we do suggest having a light dinner beforehand (but save plenty of room in your sool stomach!) Spots at this evening will be limited to 12, so be sure to get your tickets in advance!

    What Are ‘Sool Saturdays’?

    Sool Saturdays are monthly gatherings open to anyone interested in exploring different styles of sool and food pairings. Held on the first Saturday of every month, Sool Saturdays are a casual evening of sampling and tasting. Each location is carefully selected and the menu curated by The Sool Company, whether it be for their delicious food, sool selection, atmosphere…or all three! Whether you come alone or bring friends, our Sool Saturdays are all about eating and tasting delicious food and drinks with like-minded souls. The price of the ticket includes all food and a variety of makgeolli, takju, cheongju and soju. There is one thing that will always be guaranteed at a Sool Saturday, the sool will be the star 🙂

    Payment Details

    You can choose to pay in US$ via credit card and Paypal or by direct bank transfer in Korean Won. If you choose to pay by Bank Transfer, the price will be changed into Korean Won during the checkout process.

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1 review for Sool Saturdays – Sanulim 1992 (산울림 1992)

  • verified owner ,

    The food and traditional drink pairings were AMAZING!!!!!!
    I would definitely recommend the SOOL events to anyone visiting korea wanting the ultimate local experience!!!!! High quality food and traditional drinks!!! The organizers are very knowledgeable on how the drinks are made and the stories that goes with all the one of a kind traditional Korean drinks made by the masters!!!!!

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