Sool Saturdays - Duck & Crab (오리와 꽃게)

Duck and Sool Like You Have Never Had Before

Come join us for an evening of feast-like proportions as we dine on duck and drink sool like sailors. Well maybe not sailors, but we will certainly be sampling some fine brews throughout the evening. At Duck and Crab, each duck is stuffed and slow roasted in individual ovens for six hours and is served steaming and whole. But what makes this delectable dining experience even better, is the excellent selection of makgeolli, cheongju and takju on offer. Oh, and did we mention the live jazz? This evening will have a limit of 15 places, so if you would like to join us be sure to sign up in advance to snag your spot.

What Are ‘Sool Saturdays’?

Sool Saturdays are monthly gatherings open to anyone interested in exploring different styles of sool and food pairings. Held on the first Saturday of every month, Sool Saturdays are a casual evening of sampling and tasting. Each location is carefully selected and the menu curated by The Sool Company, whether it be for their delicious food, sool selection, atmosphere…or all three! Whether you come alone or bring friends, our Sool Saturdays are all about eating and tasting delicious food and drinks with like-minded souls. The price of the ticket includes all food and a variety of makgeolli, takju, cheongju and soju. There is one thing that will always be guaranteed at a Sool Saturday, the sool will be the star 🙂

Payment Details

You can choose to pay in US$ via credit card and Paypal or by direct bank transfer in Korean Won. If you choose to pay by Bank Transfer, the price will be changed into Korean Won during the checkout process.


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About Us

Julia Mellor is a specialist in Korean traditional alcohol with over 8 years in brewing education and industry experience.  She has trained under some of Korea’s most renowned Master brewers, and continues to work closely with the artisan sool community. 

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