An Evening With Omynara

An open tasting session of the various products at the Ominara Winery.

Ominara Winery is nestled in the hills of the Munkyung area which is famous for producing omija berries, and they produce some of the finest domestic wine and brandy. At the newly opened Lounge Dam, The Sool Company invites you to experience a sparkling champagne style Omija wine,  as well as a variety of cocktails using Ominara’s line of apple brandy.  Come wind down the end of the week with some excellent quality Korean produced liquors!

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You can choose to pay in US$ via credit card and Paypal or by direct bank transfer in Korean Won. If you choose to pay by Bank Transfer, the price will be changed into Korean Won during the checkout process.



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About Us

Julia Mellor is a specialist in Korean traditional alcohol with over 8 years in brewing education and industry experience.  She has trained under some of Korea’s most renowned Master brewers, and continues to work closely with the artisan sool community. 

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