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Online Media

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Online Media and International Reach

The Sool Company’s media department creates compelling videos in order to provide education, information and entertainment to its audience of brewers and sool amateurs alike. The Sool Company releases a new video each week on its Youtube channel. The media outreach started in the second quarter of 2017 and therefore is still quite early in its development. We have several series currently running and planning for more, such as food pairing, cooking with sool, advanced tasting videos with alcohol makers from around the world as well as documentaries on sool and Korean traditions.

Sool Tasting

  • In the Tasting series, we pick our favourite brews and talk about their looks, flavors and shelf life.

Brewing Life

  • In the Brewing Life series, we look at the situations that arise when brewing sool. We also give the audience some tips and advice.

Breweries in Korea

  • In the Breweries In Korea series, we take an intimate look at both traditional and modern breweries.

Sool Education

  • In the Education series, we provide high-quality education for both the novice and professional brewer. You can find more information about our online classes right here.



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