The Sool Company is an expat owned and operated business for Korean traditional alcohol education, tourism and consulting.  With many years of study and research under our belts, we have spent the better part of the last decade promoting quality sool both in Korea and internationally.  In addition to our regular brewing classes and tasting tours, we also take on clients looking to open sool breweries overseas, as well as tailor made intensive courses for those who want to take their fermentation knowledge to the next level. Got a question? Get in touch with us!

Our Office

The Sool Company
WeWork Euljiro
343, Samil-Daero, Jung-gu, Seoul


About Us

Julia Mellor is a specialist in Korean traditional alcohol with over 8 years in brewing education and industry experience.  She has trained under some of Korea’s most renowned Master brewers, and continues to work closely with the artisan sool community. 

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