Tasting Holangi Makgeolli (호랑이)

This is a video series about tasting sool and recognize good Makgeolli in and out of Korea. This time around, we taste Holangi makgeolli (호랑이) from the brewery Baehyejeongdoga (배혜정도가).

Julia: Hi everyone, it’s Julia and…
Daniel: Dan.
Julia: from the Sool Company and this is another one of our tasting videos.
Daniel: Maybe one of my favorite kinds of videos.
Julia: I think this is probably my favorite kind of video, too. So, today we have the-
Daniel: Holangi Makjeolli from the BaehyejeongBrewery.
Julia: Baehyejeong Brewery, yes. Holangi means tiger in Korean. This is another one of those makgeollis that you can find fairly regularly.
Daniel: It’s in a lot of supermarkets and also it pops up in a lot of bars as well.
Julia: It does. The reason why we often order this or recommend it to people is because again, it does not contain-
Daniel: Aspartame.
Julia: It does not contain aspartame, which are our favorite kind of brews. Also this one is very, very sweet.
Daniel: It does contain a sweetener.
Julia: It does contain a sweetener.
Daniel: It’s erythritol.
Julia: It is erythritol.
Daniel: Yeah.
Julia: If you’re familiar with erythritol, it’s similar to-
Daniel: Xylitol that you get at the gum and stuff.
Julia: So it’s bit minty. It’s got a bit of a minty flavor to it. I find this is probably one of the more sweet brews on the market.
Daniel: This is definitely a brew I think it worth sharing. I think trying to drink a whole bottle of this to yourself … It is very, very sweet.
Julia: If you’re not really into sweet things, then yeah, you might be a taste and share kind of brew. But it’s something that again, you can find in some supermarkets and in some corner stores.
Daniel: And it’s very cheap.
Julia: And it’s very cheap. It’s one of the what we call Ilban Makgeolli. Without further ado, we’re going to give it a taste.
Daniel: Okay. What I’ve been waiting for.
Julia: What we’ve been waiting for. You might notice this beautiful location that we’re in is the-
Daniel: Skyfarm?
Julia: Skyfarm. We’ve learned that Dan is not a huge fan of heights.
Daniel: Yeah.
Julia: But we are here on a 50 floor building.
Daniel: 51.
Julia: 51.
Daniel: This is the rooftop.
Julia: I think someone’s counting.
Daniel: The top.
Julia: All the way?
Daniel: Maybe half.
Julia: Okay. If you watched our other video on Neulinmaeul, one little thing to note is that this brewery is actually the sister of the Baesangmyeon Brewery.
Daniel: If you’re into Korean dramas, this family is basically one of those Korean dynasties of brewing. So you’ve got the sister, who brews this. Then the brother who produces the Neulinmaeul and then one of the biggest producers of Makgeolli is actually owned by the other eldest brother?
Julia: I think eldest brother, yeah. We’re waiting for the script to be made.
Daniel: Yeah, it’s like Dallas or something like that. Cheers.
Julia: Cheers.
Daniel: It’s sweet but there’s a little bit of acidity to it too.
Julia: There is a little bit of acidity. What I like is there is that carbonation effect. Not all Makgeollis have a nice carbonation to them so it’s not bad.
Daniel: I get the feeling of caramel and peach.
Julia: Oh, caramel. Let’s see. One thing to note too, the Neulinmaeul that we did the shelf life it 10 days. This one happens to be 30 days.
Daniel: Yay.
Julia: More life.
Daniel: Forever.
Julia: Forever. So you can pick this up, again, as we said, usually in your corner stores but I do know that Homeplus is now carrying this particular brew. If you’re looking for something sweeter and without any artificial chemical sweeteners, this is your jam.
Daniel: Alright. I think if you leave us to it, we’ll sit here and finish the bottle.
Julia: Very comfortably. And not afraid of heights.
Daniel: Not afraid of heights. Not at all.
Julia: Cheers, Dan.
Daniel: Cheers.
Julia: Yeah.


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