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International Sool Conference November 2018

There’s good news coming up for the sool nerd in all of us. The very first International Sool Conference is set to take place in Seoul next week, spanning two days and hosting a range of fascinating topics.

International Sool Conference
Running from Friday November 23rd to Saturday the 24th at Seoul National University, one of the heavily featured aspects of this international conference is the cultivation of rice and the role of agriculture in Asian alcohol production, something we often talk about with smaller craft breweries. Rice and other grains are the dominant ingredients in traditional alcohols all over the Asian region, so the conference is featuring guest speakers from Taiwan, Vietnam, and China to give their unique perspectives on their industry.

The second session also promises to have some insights on the challenges of marketing, branding, and industrialization of alcohol by hearing test cases from European wine and beer industries. It is very positive to see this new development in raising questions in academic forums for sool development strategies (yes that is the sool nerd in me showing its true colours).

And the best thing about it… is open attendance! With all the international guests, it seems many if not all lectures will be in English (or at the very least translated). So if you are interested in hearing some experienced professors share their knowledge and insight into the development of traditional alcohols, come sign up!

In a rare added bonus, the website set up for the conference is quite easy to navigate and registration is as simple as using your email address and stating your intention to attend (in English seems to be sufficient). Check out the link here to the registration page and snoop around the program for more details. And if you can’t make it, I will be writing up a summary (not too long after 😉 ) of the most important parts. Cheers!

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