Ilsan Makgeolli Festival 2019

The makgeolli festival that we look forward to every year is happening this weekend!. If you’ve never been to the Ilsan Makgeolli Festival, clear your calendar!

Ilsan Makgeolli Festival 2019
Every year in the month of October, the world of sool gets a bit silly.  The weather is beautiful and everywhere you turn there is a new festival or event centered around our favourite drink.  But it’s no coincidence!  Little known fact….the last Thursday of October is ‘Makgeolli Day’, and while we don’t really have a lot of specific celebrations on the day anymore, the whole month is filled with festivals.

That being said, not all makgeolli festivals are created equal.  Some are geared towards industry professionals, others are so far out of town that it takes a whole chunk of your weekend, and others are nestled in other larger booze shows.   However there is one festival that hands-down promises to be a good day out, and that is the Ilsan Makgeolli Festival.

Held in the large outdoor Culture Park of Ilsan, this festival is a consistent draw for both the big players and the smaller artisan brewers.  It’s free entry and you can have your fill of tastings from the multitude of tents lining the park (but be prepared to muscle your way through a crowd or two!).   But the best thing about this festival is that excellent breweries sell bottles of their products at wholesale prices!

Normally held in late September or early October, due to the outbreak of Swine Flu this year the Ilsan Makgeolli Festival was rumoured to be canceled.  But thankfully it was not so!  It was rescheduled for this weekend, and you can bet your life we will be there soaking up the atmosphere (read: booze.  We will be soaking up the booze.)

Whether you’re out to learn more about what’s on the makgeolli scene, or if you’re just looking for a fun day out, grab a few bottles and a few more friends and enjoy!


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