Top 3 Makgeollis To Find in Supermarkets

Which Makgeolli should I choose at the supermarket?

We’ve all been there:  staring at a wall of similar looking bottles of makgeolli at the local supermarket and wondering ‘how am I supposed to know which one I’m going to like?’.  It’s a common question we get here at The Sool Company, so I thought I would give my own top picks for the thirsty supermarket shopper.

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That’s a Lot of Lotus!

Over the last month, The Sool Company has been running a series of brewing projects with some fellow alcohol enthusiasts, and we have been brewing up a storm. One of the projects we have been working on is a lotus leaf brew.

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The Good Food and Wine Show 2017

It’s no secret that Australians love good wine.  Bottle shops are giant warehouses with every grape varietal imaginable with some bottles cheaper than a can of coke.  But Australians are also focused on discovering delicious foods, priming the perfect market for the annual Good Food and Wine Show.

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