Fantastic Berries & Where to Find Them

Producing any specialty type of food or alcohol generally requires specific equipment and ingredients to be successful. Sometimes sourcing these weird and wonderful items can be a little bit tricky, however, I do have my own favourite spot for procuring exotic Korean materials.

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Adventures And Misadventures in Homebrewing

The gurgling, wheezing and squealing had continued for several hours. I laid awake trying to ignore those pitiful, desperate pleas coming from a dark corner of the room, but to no avail. Then, just as the sun came up when I had given up all hope of getting any sleep, came the bang…

…and then silence.

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The Mystique Luxury Brands Conference 2017

When the organizers at Curtin University contacted us to participate in a panel discussion on the luxury brands market in South Korea, you could say we were surprised.  Sool as a luxury product?  We have always thought it to be so, but it is certainly a conceptual leap from the long-held image of makgeolli being ‘the farmer’s drink’.

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