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Our mission is to grow and nurture a multi-cultural community of traditional Korean alcohol brewers and enthusiasts in order to cultivate the beauty of Korean culture internationally through accurate and entertaining education via modern media, local discovery tours and interactive hands-on classes.

  • The Sool Company is an expat owned and operated company dedicated to the education and promotion of Korean traditional alcohol. It was founded in 2012, first under the MMPK banner and was rebranded in 2017 as The Sool Company. It specializes in brewing education, tourism, Korean alcohol history & culture, as well as consulting for domestic and international clients.  Based in Seoul, The Sool Company works closely with the domestic Korean traditional alcohol industry to create opportunities for the development of makgeolli and other Korean alcohols.

    Director and Founder Julia Mellor and Managing Partner Daniel Mclaughlin have been studying the Korean alcohol brewing and commercial industry from various academies, including Susubori Academy, The Korean Traditional Alcohol Institute, The Korean Homebrewing Institute, and Makgeolli School.  Passionate about the craft, they are committed to forging a bridge between the domestic Korean industry and the international consumer market through education and tourism.

  • Julia Mellor
    Founder & Director
    Julia is an Australian specialist in Korean Traditional Alcohol and has been involved in the makgeolli industry for over 5 years. She has been an activist for the promotion of Korean sool both locally and internationally after training at a number of institutes including Grand Master Park Rok Dam.
    Daniel McLaughlin
    Founder & Director
    Dan is a Korean traditional alcohol specialist with a focus on brewing science. He currently manages and instructs the advanced level classes of the Susubori Academy where he completed his study in Brewing Biochemistry. He also studied under Grand Master Park Rok Dam.
    Aurélien Lainé
    Creative Director
    Aurélien has been writing and producing media content for the better part of the past ten years and is behind all the transmedia content and online strategy for The Sool Company. He founded and runs the award-winning, Korea-based, production company AJP Productions.
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