Advanced Brewing Techniques Course 

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  • A comprehensive makgeolli brewing foundation course
  • In-depth instruction on fermentation theory
  • Practical technique lesson in every class
  • Advanced knowledge to build on brewing skills

This course will take your makgeolli brewing skills to the next level.  This six-class course will cover the fundamentals of multi-stage brewing, nuruk production techniques, rice preparation techniques, and infusions.  The three hour classes will be held once a month on Sundays, and are designed for anyone looking to build on their brewing knowledge or those with a mind to take their brewing beyond just a hobby. 


Course Outline:

April 7th:  Secondary Stage Brewing Theory - Juk Practical

A comprehensive introduction to the brewing science of secondary stage brewing. This class will focus on the elements required for a successful primary stage or 'mitsul' and the various outcomes of different rice preparation techniques.  In the practical session, we learn two methods of rice porridge preparation starters.

May 19th:  Tertiary Stage Brewing Theory - Beombeok Practical

In this class, we will focus on the importance of secondary or ‘deotsool’ timings and how to craft multiple staged brews. We will look at how to evaluate stages of fermentation and what elements are important for optimum success in multi-stage brewing.  In the practical session, we learn the half-cooked porridge technique ‘Beombeok’.

June 16th:  Brewing Elements & Recipe Design Theory - Gummeongdeok Practical

For the theory portion, we will look at the various elements that control for flavour profile, texture, alcohol content, scale and volume.  We learn how to predict recipes and how to design our own. For the practical session, we will learn the rice donut method ‘Gummeongdeok’ in order to make Iwahju (an alcoholic yogurt).

July 14th:  Nuruk Theory #1 - Wheat Nuruk Practical

As summer gets underway, in this class we will focus on the role and production of Nuruk.  We will examine existing nuruk products available, as well as the theory of nuruk production methods and fermentation outcomes.  In the practical session, we will make a batch of ground wheat nuruk to be taken home and completed.

August 4th:  Equipment, Scale & Systems - Rice Nuruk Practical

In this class we will focus on the intricacies of regular brewing with a particular focus on equipment and scaling options of existing breweries and lessons learned from their systems.  We will look at some of the pros and cons of traditional and modern methods, as well as how to manage for efficiency.  In the practical session, we can learn two additional nuruk techniques by making wheat flour and rice flour nuruk.  This technique is especially valuable for making a gluten free makgeolli. 

August 25th:  Infusions Theory - Baeksulgi Practical

In this class we will look at the various methods for infusing brews with additional ingredients.  We look at the principles of flowers, roots, fruits and spices, with an emphasis on how to extract the desired flavours.  The practical session we will learn the rice preparation technique ‘Baeksulgi’ and complete the popular infusion recipe ‘Baekwhaju - 100 Flowers Wine’.



Seoul, Korea

For this course guests will meet at Susubori Academy: Come out of Chungjeongno Station (Purple Line 5) exit 7.  Immediately follow the street as it curves to the right and walk along this street until your reach a Convenience Store (CU) on the right.  Cross the street and go down the basement level of a glass pyramid entrance. Enter the main building and take the elevator to B1, you will see signs for Susubori Academy.Map to Susubori Academy

  • The course will run with a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 15. 
  • If you choose to pay by Korean bank transfer, the cost of the course is 450,000won, and you will receive bank details with your email confirmation.

Cancellations made more than 48 hours before the class date will receive an 80% refund.  Cancellations made after the 48 hour period will not receive any refunds.  If the class is canceled by Management for any unforeseen or unavoidable reason, guests will receive a full refund.